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We’re looking for smart, kind, and reliable individuals with a desire to teach and learn. Is that you?

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Teaching & Learning Everyday

Whether it’s a microlearn on VR, the next meeting of the Machine Learning club, Q+A period at weekly demos, or any number of the spontaneous Slack channels on every imaginable subject, we’re all about sharing our knowledge, honing our skills, and embracing curiousity.

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True Product Impact

At Connected, we are both industry and technology agnostic, and we are privileged to work on a wide range of products with a number of globally recognized brands. Our repertoire of projects empowers our engineers, designers, and product managers to become masters of their craft.

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Getting Better All the Time

Our Make It Better form and quarterly eNPS surveys give you ample opportunity to refine company practices, while retros, design crits, and cross-project reviews ensure that you and your work are always getting better.

Are you ready to build better products?

Perks & Benefits


Diversity & Inclusion

At Connected, we believe that having a diverse and inclusive environment is core to our values, our mission to build better products, and our vision of becoming the leading product development services company.

Dedicated D&I Committee

Comprised of diverse Connectors from all departments, this dedicated team creates and runs initiatives to create a more diverse and inclusive environment.

Training & Education

We bring in external experts to help train and educate Connectors on creating an open, comfortable, and respectful workplace for everyone.

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Products for All

Diverse teams also build better products and are able to cater to a more diverse set of users, prioritizing accessible and human-centered product building every time.

Working Apart While Staying Connected

How We Hire

Our hiring process mirrors the way we work, giving you the chance to truly show who you are and what you know. It looks a little different for each role, so we thought we’d break it down for you here to take away any nervousness or uncertainty.

Awards & Ratings

Equal Employment Opportunity

Connected is committed to the elimination of organizational structures and actions that oppress, exclude, hinder, or otherwise discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, or financial ability. We strive to foster a diverse, welcoming community, and are committed to equal employment opportunities in our recruiting, hiring, employee development, and promotion practices.